We offer you the ultimate safety reliance. This is not just a claim. It is the goal that we at Midas Safety work towards achieving each day.
Learn about all that makes this a possibility.

Best In-class Safety Products

Quality is a core value at Midas Safety. We define the best quality product the way you would: one that fully, continuously, and proactively meets your needs. All the products we offer are tested against International Industry Standards. We are the authorized distributors of the leading safety brands of the Industry. These include 3M, North Safety, Sperian, Haws, MSA, Aearo, Dupont, Salisbury, to name a few.

Personalized Safety Solutions

Midas Safety Distribution offers the broadest range of safety equipment across the region, all under a single roof. The range of products available at Midas Safety spans all industrial sectors and operational purposes, from chemical handling to automotive assembly. Our customers value the personalized services we provide, and this is because they are provided with safety solutions that have been customized from a broad range of products to exactly match their requirements.

Delivery – On time, Every Time

Our job is not limited to creating the best in safety equipment; it includes efficient management of our stock, and making sure that you get your orders on time, in full. The inventory is managed by the centralized ERP which is used to plan and manage the entire stock of safety equipment across the cross-border Midas Safety offices, factories and storage facilities. We also deliver to many parts of the Middle East within 24 hours.

Customer Service

Service underpins everything that we do, and each member of our team has instilled in themselves a desire to exceed your expectations. Our core values: Responsive, Friendly, Reliable are integral to our team’s success. The technical knowledge of our team surpasses any other as they are trained routinely and benefit immensely from the Midas Safety manufacturing and global knowledge pool.

Accessible Safety for Everyone

We are truly committed to our goal of protecting the people of the world. We show our commitment through not only the vast range of products that we offer, but the variety of price points for which Midas Safety products are available. This makes our products accessible to all kinds of manufacturing companies, big and small. Our sales and support teams help you choose the products that are closest to your requirements and budget.

Continuous Innovation

We continuously strive to move ahead by adopting technology and new trends that can help optimize your business performance through exceptional service. This belief makes us one of the most progressive and innovative safety distribution companies in the industry. When you work with us, you can be sure you are working with a partner that is evolving every day to serve you better.

Established and Trusted

Midas Safety raises the bar of industry standards as the number one global private-label safety glove manufacturer in the world. For over 30 years, hundreds of globally renowned PPE safety brands have been relying on Midas Safety as a credible OEM to manufacture their industrial safety gloves. Our customers know that their business can progress and thrive safely when they work with us. This is demonstrated every day through exceptional customer service, high-quality product manufacturing, and industry knowledge.